About us


Moon of Steel Jewelry has an large collection of jewelry and that is why there is always something for you. Cutest jewelry can of course not be missing in your jewelry collection. But in addition to this 'fashion' range, there is also a wide range of timeless jewelry that you can combine with everything. Do you go for silver or gold jewelry or do you prefer jewelry with beads, stones, colors or quotes? Perhaps you value friendship jewelry or jewelry with a special meaning. There is something for everyone and personalized to your unique style and specially handcrafted in the Netherlands for you. Throughout the year there are new jewelry that is completely on-trend according to the last season so that you always look fashionable. Either way, we've got it all. You can shop the most beautiful earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, anklets, and charms in our official online store and .


Jewelry with a message can no longer be ignored from the street scene. How nice is it to let a loved one know that you care? Surprise your mother, sister, aunt, grandmother or BFF with the cutest friendship jewelry and give them the day of their life. Morse code jewelry or our Make A Wish Jewelry are also a must-have in your jewelry collection. Personal jewelry & jewelry with a message that you can still combine with your earrings.


Each piece of jewelry tells its own story and which story that is, you can define it yourself. You purchase personal jewelry as a memory, as a memento of a special moment or of a very special person. Examples of this special jewelry are Morse Code jewelry such as a necklace with a hidden message, a charm bracelet or a necklace with a personal card. Personalized jewelry is very popular!


You see jewelry with a special message increasingly entering the fashion world. Initial jewelry, zodiac jewelry, jewelry with charms but also gemstone jewelry. A zodiac jewelry stands for certain properties that can give the person extra strength. Gemstone jewelry is also very hot at the moment. Each stone represents different medicinal effects. Take the rose quartz stone for example, it stands for love, empathy and creates harmony in relationships.



We only use high quality materials that do not discolor and do not cause allergies and the most beautiful timy even beads from different sizes from Japan and the Czech Republic, high-quality Stainless Steel and DQ designer Quality European metal, we also use natural materials such as Gemstones, shells and freshwater pearls.